THIS WEBSITE AND THE MEETINGS share the unexpected and unconditional. What is, is already what’s longed for, which is always overlooked by what is commonly considered normal, even necessary: the experience that “what is” is personal.


The experience of being an individual is self-confirming. “I am reading these words, because I experience it now, therefore I am real.” That position is a psychosomatic misunderstanding: separation is real. The result is the experience, the false claim, that something is missing, the individual is real and its experience that something is wrong with it or with everything else, are all true.

The experience is firstly what is, is incomplete and second, that through its own efforts it can find that completeness and make its life good (whatever that means). This sharing explores and undermines these false claims by pointing out the overlooked. The individual is real only in reference to knowing. Knowing is the currency of the individual. Experience is the currency of knowing.

This sharing undermines the veracity of the claim, that the individual is what it experiences itself to be. It explores the possibility, that what is beyond experience and beyond knowing, is what is longed for. What is (unknowingly) longed for is the end of the search, the end of need, the end of trying to find completeness.

The individual is stuck in finding something, unwittingly longing for nothing, the end of experience, in that missing the solution: unknowing. There is no answer to the problem of being an individual, the solution is the end of the individual. What is left when the individual ends? Everything as empty is-ness, nothing arising. What is, what is happening, is nothing arising. What is arising, is about nothing. Which is paradoxically the fulfillment of need. Nothing to know, nothing to understand, nothing more needed. The empty is-ness of what is, being without reason.