These questions every person has answered in one way or another with hope and belief.  The imagined future. Some of these self-serving answers can be seen in religion, faith, higher consciousness, Higher Self with a capital S, enlightenment knowledge and knowing among others names.

Every apparent answer points to a special "what will be", never to the ordinary original what is. What will be is also called the search.

All apparent answers point away from what is, confirming the reality of the questioner and its questions. This apparent confirmation of the question and therefore questioner does nothing to give the individual - the questioner - the happiness, peace and fulfillment it is looking for. There is no answer to any of the questions because the questioner is an illusion. The search and the appearance of an individual in the body are the same thing.

The person is a construct, a contraction, a center to the psychic cloud of unknowing, of everything. The center, the subsequent interaction is the person and its illusory life of meaning and purpose. The result is necessarily the search for hope, meaning and purpose. The search is a search for the answer to the problem of itself.

The search is completely hopeless.